max_user_connections exceeded

Many times, you may face the mysql database warning message on your website as follows : 

Warning: mysql_connect(): User has already exceeded the max_user_connections on line XX

This warning appears because of the restrictions on total number active connections to database, applied by your hosting provider on the server. This warning can be seen on many websites hosted on shared servers. Continue reading

Tips to transfer your hosting

1> First of all, we will suggest you to contact your new hosting provider and ask them about this procedure. There may be some other steps involved than our provided.

2> Now, sign up with your new hosting provider.

3> Get the name server details from your new provider.

4> Then provide those details to your domain registrar and ask them to point the domain to these name servers.

5> It will take maximum 24 to 48 hours to propagate the name servers over the Internet.

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Tips to transfer your domain from one registrar to other

1>If you want to transfer a domain name over to your new registrar, you must make sure of the following:

a. The domain is over 60 days old.

b. The email address on file with the registrar is one that you can receive transfer requests to.

c. The domain is unlocked. If you change the status of your domain please wait four hours before submitting a request for transfer.

d. The domain is not in any of the following statuses: locked, pending deletion, pending renewal or expired.

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Tips for freshers

These are the normal tips to start your hosting. I will provide the new tips every time. Just few are here :

1. While selecting your hosting company, try to search and research some companies in this business.

2. There are many companies who provides live support via phone or live chat or emails.

3. Try to contact them and ask about your requirements.

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